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Need help in French?
Hi , I'm a french student and I would...
 raphr01 Thu Nov 29, 2007
the new guy
hi everyone! im kinda new here, and...
 Bogins Thu Oct 18, 2007
Problem with hearing audio files
Whenever i click on any of the audio...
 debarko Wed Sep 26, 2007
What did you think about it?
Fall in pupils taking GCSE languages...
 robcacc Mon Aug 27, 2007
Need some help ?
Hi there ! I'm Mory, 18 years old....
 Mory Fri Aug 24, 2007
French&English&Chinese&Korean learning
Hey, Buddy, I am a language fan...
 Rouge Sat Jul 28, 2007
reasons for wanting to learn french
say why you want to learn the...
 Misscat Sat Jul 21, 2007
need help
can someone help!
 rrassi21 Thu Jul 19, 2007
hey someone in France who will like to learn spanish or english that will also help me learn french?
Hello! Im very interesed in learning...
 IlianaMartell Mon Jul 16, 2007
F1, sil vous plait!
Salut! Je sui pour India et je veux...
 as2dent Tue Jul 10, 2007
Can anyone help?
I'm very new to this whole thing, but...
 haleyalexis Sun Jul 08, 2007
Can anyone help?
I'm very new to this whole thing, but...
 haleyalexis Sun Jul 08, 2007
French & English!
Hello all, I would like to email...
 JamesDelphi Fri Jul 06, 2007
Wanna learn french with a french guy?
Hi , I'm french and I would like to...
 raphr01 Wed Jul 04, 2007
Help My French
I've been learning French for a year...
 vanst Mon Jul 02, 2007
Want to learn French
Hello, I am new to French and looking...
 Fnaaz Sat Jun 09, 2007
No Audio in my Personal Edition
Is anyone using Windows Vista and IE...
 rhirosue Fri Jun 08, 2007
I'm new
Bonjour....Je m'applle Monica. I want...
 swagata Wed Jun 06, 2007
bonjour.. je m'appelle Rene Trujillo...
 Renetrujillo Fri Jun 01, 2007
salut: Anyone who would like to learn french with me
salut, im just new to this site,is...
 dolphinebay Thu May 24, 2007