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i'm new
bonjour i'm a new member and i'm...
 clermont3 Thu Feb 16, 2006
new member
hi my little sister is a new member...
 angle4 Mon Feb 13, 2006
new member
my friend hotcece is looking for a...
 angle4 Wed Feb 08, 2006
hay people i have a teammat but i...
 angle4 Wed Feb 08, 2006
I downloaded the personel edition but...
 argosash Wed Feb 08, 2006
Hi i'm looking for a teammat or...
 angle4 Tue Feb 07, 2006
I perfect your writing and speaking French...
I perfect your writing and speaking...
 Damien000 Tue Feb 07, 2006
Would like buddies
Hi, am learning french. I am from...
 MazDevereaux Sun Feb 05, 2006
Hello World!!
Bonjour!! I want to learn French and...
 as2dent Thu Feb 02, 2006
play Sound files automatically
Hello All, I've downloaded Personal...
 klloyd Thu Jan 26, 2006
I need french help/aide francais
bonjour, je m'appelle...
 cooke86 Mon Jan 23, 2006
Anyone could help?
Hi,guys, I'm just wondering what...
 yoyoeq Sun Jan 22, 2006
I need a helper in Erench
Hi every one I'm quite well in...
 premier74 Sat Jan 14, 2006
is there anybody there??
hello everybody.. i'm a...
 nesswty Wed Jan 11, 2006
French pronunciation is very difficult
I am totally new to French ....I find...
 vjnair Mon Jan 09, 2006
let's improve French!!
Salut!I'd like to chat with someone...
 sombrero Fri Jan 06, 2006
new member
salut le monde!!
 sombrero Fri Jan 06, 2006
new member
salut le monde!!
 sombrero Fri Jan 06, 2006
Need help in french learning
Hi everyone, I'm chinese and live...
 coolkid Tue Jan 03, 2006
im trying to relearn/ improve my french
would anybody be interested in...
 ohmandy Mon Jan 02, 2006