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Stansard Or Personal
Hello All, I just registered....
 Ramsey Sun Mar 20, 2005
Cool verb conjugation tool
Hi everyone, I just found a new verb...
 djdan Thu Mar 17, 2005
aider moi sil vous plait(help me please)
Je voudrais etudier francais avec...
 niknak Wed Mar 16, 2005
Thank Herve Foucher very much!
I'm from Beijing, I have been loving...
 swiminclouds Tue Mar 08, 2005
Teammate anyone?
Hi, I'm a singaporean who is now...
 yogurb Sun Mar 06, 2005
learning French from today!
je la Francaise aime beaucoup!
 mawei7905 Sat Mar 05, 2005
I am Ready
Bonjour This is Srikanth from...
 krismam Tue Mar 01, 2005
Hello This is SRIKANTH from...
 krismam Mon Feb 28, 2005
evaluation ?
hi all, i'm interested in learning...
 thelord Mon Feb 28, 2005
i really need help in french
My name is Justin and im from sydney,...
 hihi Thu Feb 24, 2005
Salut! Would anyone like to learn French with me?
hello, Im from the U.S., and I was...
 asharms Sun Feb 20, 2005
HI I just recently joined this site...
 danser30693 Sun Feb 20, 2005
Hello I just recently found this...
 apeak20 Thu Feb 10, 2005
I cannot listen to the audio- please help!!
is there anyyhing wrong with the...
 BaharakJoon Sun Feb 06, 2005
Bonjour to all, can someone help me?
Bonjour, Ok I'm currently learning...
 amiee12 Sun Feb 06, 2005
Quel est la différence entre le français de Paris et de Quebec?
Je voudrais savoir quel est la...
 acerook Thu Feb 03, 2005
Salut! New to this site!
Hi, looking for mates to have a chat...
 lawrencefr Wed Feb 02, 2005
Hi My Dear Friends
I'm Sri Lankan , I speak English,...
 sivamob Tue Feb 01, 2005
help me out
donnez moi les examples à (sur le...
 nitirose Mon Jan 31, 2005
Bonjour amie!
Je connais petit français mais...
 nitirose Mon Jan 31, 2005