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bonjour..je suis indonesie et...
 syaebani Tue Mar 13, 2007
Bonjour, je m'appelle Lynz. J'ai 21...
 lynz Sun Mar 11, 2007
A french video game
Hello, here's a simple game with a...
 thomasc Sun Mar 04, 2007
I am new here
Bonjour tout le monde, Je m'appelle...
 Martine Sun Mar 04, 2007
can any one help??
Can anyone tell me that when the...
 nitirose Tue Jan 30, 2007
Do you know about "The Catholic...
 nitirose Tue Jan 30, 2007
i am new from the caribbean. i will...
 jackiep Tue Jan 30, 2007
 DAJAMMER Wed Jan 24, 2007
need help with a song
I came across this song by Alizee. I...
 isop31 Mon Jan 22, 2007
If anyone know french really good i...
 gala Tue Jan 16, 2007
 almahir Thu Jan 11, 2007
i am new & have a question!
how do u say pretty or beautiful in...
 jijeta Tue Jan 09, 2007
Looking for a French Teammate
I speak English, Spanish(not...
 leijae Fri Jan 05, 2007
reunion island, french help
Bonjour! later this year I'm going...
 daisie91 Fri Jan 05, 2007
hi all, My name is Lim. i'm very...
 LIMette888 Mon Nov 27, 2006
hi all, My name is Lim. i'm very...
 LIMette888 Mon Nov 27, 2006
The Talk
WE will be writing in french while...
 albakri1994 Sat Nov 04, 2006
Looking for team mate
Hello there! I am 17 years old and...
 Junilee Mon Oct 23, 2006
Looking for a French team mate
Hello, I am looking for someone...
 olga1 Sat Oct 14, 2006
something interesting!
hi,do u know the speciality of Le...
 nitirose Sun Oct 08, 2006