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can i master french in 2 months?
or at least learn the needed french...
 smartMohammad Sat Aug 05, 2006
I'm in Shanghai,looking for a partner:)
Hi,I'm Karen,21,a university student...
 karenkong Mon Jul 31, 2006
Questions Chapter
Hello Herve! I think you should...
 Plcaga Sun Jul 23, 2006
I'm looking for a teammate
I'm a British teenager. I'm very...
 Plcaga Sun Jul 23, 2006
Filipino here, looking for a team mate. :)
I'm a Filipino and I'd love to learn...
 caira Fri Jul 21, 2006
I need help with all of these French lessons!Is there anyone who can help me?
The title pretty much speaks for its...
 wrodriguez Tue Jul 18, 2006
English Student Seeks
I am a 16 year old English Student,...
 dysons89 Sat Jul 15, 2006
Team mate
Please be my teammate. im 16 and my...
 hirehana Fri Jul 14, 2006
Ou sont mes amis?
Bonjour, Comment allez-vous?...
 Rouge Fri Jul 07, 2006
 amazingdido Sat Jul 01, 2006
team mate
Hi; I am an a beginer in French. I...
 redbaron Tue Jun 27, 2006
i need to improve my english
hi all, i need to improve my...
 mabrouk Tue Jun 27, 2006
Greetings from Jakarta, looking for learning partner
Hi all, I just start learning...
 indonabiha Mon Jun 26, 2006
Useful phrases
Est-ce que vous comprenez?-Do you...
 lostlizard1 Thu Jun 22, 2006
Introductions Preliminary Chapter
SALUT Julie: Salut, je...
 lostlizard1 Thu Jun 22, 2006
Nouns-Noms Chapter 1
ami(e): *m,f) friend arabe: (m)...
 lostlizard1 Thu Jun 22, 2006
Nouns-Noms Chapter 2
adresse: (f) address bienvenue: (f)...
 lostlizard1 Thu Jun 22, 2006
Nouns-Noms Chapter 3
banlieue: (f) suburb chance: (f)...
 lostlizard1 Thu Jun 22, 2006
Chapter 4 Nouns- Noms
ananas :(m) pineapple annee :(f)...
 lostlizard1 Thu Jun 22, 2006
team mate!!
Hi! I'm new here but I love french so...
 daisie91 Thu Jun 15, 2006