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Sharkey Industrials: Providing High Quality Protection Clothing and Work Wears

 samuelgreg82, on February 15th, 2017

Sharkey Industrials: Providing High Quality Protection Clothing and Work Wears

Safety is the primary factor which is to be considered when it comes to working in construction and manufacturing industries. That is why work wear such as helmets,  safety boots,  goggles etc. are very important for the workers who perform a difficult task in that workplaces. Some are the companies which offer high quality work wear and protection clothing to protect people from electrical, chemicals airborne matter, heat and biohazards. Sharkey Industrials is coming in the list of those reliable names.

Sharkey Industrials is the most reputable Ireland based company which is founded in the year 2001. This is an online provider of work wear products and personal protective equipments (PPE). With experience of over 15 years, they are specialized in providing quality safety products for those who work in various construction and manufacturing industries such as automotive, agricultural, chemical, food processing, and other factories. They offer extensive range of products which are designed for multiple purposes. This includes;

  • Safety boots: They offer a vast array of safety boots, white safety wellingtons, safety shoes etc. so that you can do your job safely and get no harm from any sharp objects or glass on your foot.
  • Work wear or jackets: With their high quality work wear such as boiler suits, body warmers, jackets,  Work Gloves  warehouse coats, aprons etc. you can ensure your protection in any chemical industries and related factories. All these protective clothing are available in different sizes so you can select your desired one.
  • Face and head protection: they offer a wide selection of products which are specially designed to protect your head and face such as hard hats, dust masks, respirators etc.

In addition to this, they have their own team of designers and in-house printers. They offer their remarkable services of digital printing so if you want a printed logo of your company on these work wears then they also offer a customization options for the products in bulk. You can get a specific logo of your company designed for corporate or promotional purposes.

If you are seeking the high quality  wet gear, safety boots, jackets and other protective clothing then Sharkey Industrials is the name you should take into consideration.

For more details, please log on to  http://sharkeyindustrials.com/.


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