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Enjoy the Fine Dining Boise in Beautiful Ambiance of Superb Dinner Lounge

 samuelgreg82, on February 15th, 2017

Enjoy the Fine Dining Boise in Beautiful Ambiance of Superb Dinner Lounge

Different people have different things that they are into. Some people save up to catch their favorite band on tour, some go out on dates and some, mostly married people with families, opt to go out and give their taste buds a treat. There are restaurants everywhere in the world that are famous, not only for their food, but mostly for the ambiance they create. Such places where lip-smacking food is coupled with some really fine  live music Boise,  witness the most crowds in terms of both quality and quantity.

The only way to enjoy a steak more is by chomping it down in a soothing environment with a glass of your favorite wine, with calming jazz music playing in the background and in the company of your loved ones. Was that too specific of a description for your perfect weekend? Well, there is indeed a place where you can find the exact set-up, and it is the best, most relaxing experience you’ll have all week. If you’re a Boise resident, looking for a fine dining Boise experience and an overall chilling session with your family and friends, Chandlers Steakhouse is the place to be!

An initiative by Rex Chandler, the famous award winning restaurateur, Chandlers Steakhouse is more than just fine dining and live music. Once you step in, you’re in the hands of a world class restaurant that is famous in all  downtown boise restaurants  which providing an overall experience that will make you come back for more, over and over again. There’s something for everyone! Even if you’re a lover of fresh sea food, Chandlers steakhouse has a reputation for the most delicious preparations. They also have many offers to attract their customers, like their trademark ‘The Ten Minute Martini’, Social Hour and a lineup of Jazz musicians with awe-inspiring talent.

About Chandlers:

Chandlers Steakhouse is a dinner lounge, famous for its quality of food and live music. Their specialties include Kobe-Beef steaks, Seafood Boise and a full selection of the best wines, money can buy.

For more information, visit  https://www.chandlersboise.com/.

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