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publishing and the commercial

 nselgelo07, on March 18th, 2017

publishing and the commercial

Ink Additives Market Size

Inks are a complex mixture of a number of ingredients. These various ingredients, when combined in a specific formulation, impart desired characteristics and critical properties for printing application. Printing inks are made of four basic components. These are Pigments these impart color to the ink, resins which bind the ink together and louboutin promo to louboutin basket homme the surface on which printing is carried out, solvents to make the ink flow on the surface christian louboutin louis benech to be printed and additives which alter the properties of the ink to obtain desired characteristics. The formulation for louboutin basket femme a certain application christian louboutin louis benech depends on the type of substrate, the process implemented, desired appearance and the end use. The ink additives market is expected to grow in line with the growth in advertising expenditure and marketing activities by Corporates.

Based on the function, ink additives market can be segmented as rheology modifiers, dispersants, foam control agents, slip basketinforum rub materials, and wetting agents. On the other hand, depending on the type of printing process ink additives market can be segmented as additives for letterpress printing, gravure printing, lithography, flexography and digital printing ink additives. The highest growth has been witnessed by the packaging segment of textile additives. The publishing and the commercial printing segments of ink additives market are however shrinking in certain louboutin basket femme developed regions of the world and have shown sluggish growth in the developing countries over the past. The global ink additives market is expected to show a moderate single digit annual christian louboutin louis benech growth over the louboutin basket femme next five years. The growth of the packaging segment in global ink additives market has been amplified by the basket louboutin femme increasing growth in the GDP and population in the Asia Pacific region. Moreover, the supply of louboutin basket femme key raw materials for the textile additives remains a matter of major concern for the global ink additives market.

The major players in the ink christian louboutin louis benech additives market are Evonik TEGO, BASF SE, HUNTSMAN, Dow Corning, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Shamrock Technologies, Inc.

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