What is The French Tutorial?

An on-line step-by-step French lesson, available for free, except the Deluxe Edition which is restricted to donors.

How often is it updated?

I write the tutorial on my leasure time. Let's say once a month but there is no warranty.

Is it really free of charge?

YES it is. However, if you want the tutorial to be improved again, please consider making a donation. In return, you will get more lessons and support.

Could you send me the Tutorial via postal mail?

No, I couldn't do that. This would be too expensive. You can read it or download it for free... isn't it already great?

Why are there so many typos and mistakes?

I am a native French. Therefore I sometimes think in French before typing in English. But thanks to many of you I fixed many of the typos and spelling mistakes.

I did not receive any validation e-mail and therefore I can not confirm my membership.

Our mail server sometimes goes wrong, sorry! Go to .

My username and password are correct. Why do the system remain on the same page when I try to logon?

Cookies must be enabled on your browser. We use them to ensure user authentification.

Could I advertise on your site?

Yes of course! Visit this page for more details.