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Below are the latest messages posted by the French Tutorial members in the community forum.

 kalanzi100 bonjour!
hi from Uganda am much interested in learning more in french am just a beginner
Thursday at 4:02pm

 luisfdo1976 La mot "toxique"
Normal 0 21 false false false...
on May 23rd, 2016

 komigh Re: Help me with french CAU GCSE
Je propose plus  pour la question," qu'as   tu fait  le weekend...
on April 28th, 2016

 komigh Re: Help me with french CAU GCSE
Mes parents et moi ,   nous   nous entedons . Nous allaons faire les...
on April 28th, 2016

 komigh Re: Help me with french CAU GCSE
En toute sincerite  je sais  pas  quoi repondre   sur ce sujet...
on April 27th, 2016

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