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The French Tutorial is a web-based step by step lesson covering basics, pronunciation, but also grammar, vocabulary and everyday French. It offers audio support for better oral comprehension, a table of contents and an index for faster searches.

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Below are the latest messages posted by the French Tutorial members in the community forum.

 miguelaraujo Re: Need Friend to learn francais
I want too a friend to leard french to translate mi site in spanish about...
Wednesday at 5:04pm

 quattrocchi Re: need you'r help
on changes to om sometimes. See the note on that page.
Wednesday at 7:05am

 misterme need you'r help
hi people, i just started to learn french here! love it! i couldn't understand...
on August 28th, 2015

 ricrhon Re: As the New Year is fresh in mind
billiga Charms med accenter serien berlocker till salu billiga Charms med accenter serien...
on August 14th, 2015

 ricrhon Re: As the New Year is fresh in mind
Longines erövring Longines erövring replika longines erövring Longines...
on August 14th, 2015

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