The French Tutorial project started on november, 9th 1999. I have been working hard to release new courses and new functionnalities. Here is the story...

May 201310

Major update

  • The French Tutorial is now a donationware. No more Deluxe Edition.
  • New user interface, more in line with today's standards
  • Fully localized Spanish version
  • Improved performances thanks to caching technologies (Smarty framework)
  • Audio player included, no need to download the MP3 files before playing them.
Sep 20069

Spanish translation is launched with the help of 2 translators.

Jan 20051

Official starting date of "The French Tutorial" as a company.

Nov 20045

Printable Edition: the French Tutorial is now available as a PDF file.

Jul 200417

Members can now find a teammate in 3 clicks. This service is free of charge and only requires registration.

Jun 20042

The Exams section, restricted to Donors at first, provides users with on-line questionaires. Scores are tracked in the user's scorecard.

Mar 20048

Members can send now exchange private messages.

Feb 20042

A new section in the tutorial: "I visited France" is a collection of essays written by visitors when they visited France! Update: now closed. Members may now upload their pictures on the Facebook page.

Aug 200330

Whaoh! One year and a half since the previous update! What's so new?

  • 3 different Editions are now available (read this for more):
    • Standard Edition
    • Personal Edition
    • Deluxe Edition (updated: doesn't exist anymore. Content has been included in the Standard Edition)
  • Frequently reported typos are now fixed.
  • New pages
  • New web design.
    • New graphics
    • Navigation whithin chapters is easier thanks to the left hand side table of contents
    • Forums
    • Links
    • On-line donations (using Paypal)
  • Brand new Apache/PHP/MySQL backend
  • Installer for Microsoft Windows™ users was redesigned using NSIS
  • New course compilator to add new features
Jan 20027
  • New chapter: the comparative
  • New installer for Microsoft Windows™ users
  • Vocabulary: information technology, Euro
  • Fixes + more audio files
Sep 200124
  • New chapter: le passé composé (perfect)
  • New layout and a new mascot called Ciffeil (the Eiffel Tower logo)
  • 100 new audio files!
  • FAQ/Troubleshooting
  • Fixes
Jan 200121
  • New chapter: interrogative form
Oct 200021
  • New chapter: possessive form
  • New Appendix: conjugation
  • Changed the HTML pages charset to iso-8859-1 for French accents: éèêà...
  • Prononciation: [é]
  • We bought frenchtutorial.com to celebrate the first anniversary
Aug 20007
  • New Chapter: Negative and interrogative phrases!
Jul 200018
  • New Chapter: Prononciation!
  • Vocabulary: French education system
  • Broken images bug fixed
Jun 200030
  • New User Interface
  • Our Perl script has been totaly rewritten in order to save time.
May 200014
  • Added: some examples concerning the "futur"
  • Conjugaison: le futur (3rd group verbs)
  • Vocabulary: weather
  • Fixes
Mar 200030
  • Congugaison: le futur (to be continued)
  • Vocabulary: pets!
Feb 200014
  • Grammar: le, la, les, un, une, des
  • Vocabulary: how to apologize
  • Vocabulary: at home
  • Some links added
  • Typos
Jan 200010
  • Basics: how to build a sentence
  • Vocabulary: family, introducing people, happy new year!
  • Bug fixes
Dec 199912
  • Date and time
  • Complete 2nd group verbs list
  • More audio files
Nov 19999
  • Basics
  • Conjugation
  • Qualifying adjectives
  • Counting